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CCTV in a positive light

It has occurred to me over the years that there are at least two distinct camps in the media regarding the proliferation of CCTV in the UK.

One camp promotes CCTV as the silver bullet to solving crime, moaning when someone or something fails to make the most of the available technology. While that would sound like a good thing to people like me earning their living as CCTV consultants, there is definitely something of a misplaced optimism about CCTV’s real world capabilities. While this blog intends to address some of these issues in the future, let’s not look this gift horse in the mouth.

The other camp, seemingly largely the ‘Guardianista‘ brigade and miscellaneous members of the liberal ‘elite’, are frequently grinding their axes about the evil embodied in CCTV usage. We’ll address this in the future too, but it seems to me they take this position because they know so little about the reality of CCTV that their imaginations are free to make up all sorts of ‘bogeyman’ stories that they then trot out to each other (and through their spouting in the mass media) until they come to believe their largely unfounded tosh.

CCTV Street SignPictures designed to convey the ominous use of CCTV cameras and intrusive surveillance abound in large catalogues of images such as the commercial image libraries and public ones such as Flickr. Try http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=cctv to see what I mean.

To counter this tide of negativity I decided to direct my penchant for photography and Photoshop to create some pro-CCTV images. The mock CCTV street sign to the left here is the first one published. It is featured in forthcoming issue of CCTV Image magazine. If you have any ideas for new images that we can create, do drop me a line. It’s an ongoing project.

Until next time; stay focused.

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