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TSI BBQ 07-09-10 OK

Simon Lambert, immortalized by Rick Coleman

 The Security Institute (TSI) had its annual conference earlier this week at the very agreeable Oakley Court hotel in Windsor. Very nice. The Queen has a house nearby, you know. I was fortunate to be invited to join the great and the good for their barbeque on Tuesday evening. 

The day’s earlier torrential downpours held off during the balmy evening on the terrace and lawn with the Thames flowing by. Amongst the chums with whom I ate, drank and waxed lyrical, putting the security world to rights, were Gordon Tyerman of CCTV Training Ltd, Brian Sims the editor of Info4Security, James Walker of Dallmeier, an old colleague from Reliance Electronics in the early 1990s, and Mike Bluestone of TSI, formerly a fellow council member at the ASC, the Association of Security Consultants

Thanks to Carly Huckle of TSI for being so kind as to invited me to an enjoyable gathering. I must get around to actually joining TSI one day soon! 

One highlight of the evening was receiving a fine caricature by artist Rick Coleman. He did the assembled crowd proud with some wonderful drawings and a nice chap to boot.

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