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Normal Service has been resumed!

Computers cannot be trusted. Anyone who uses one knows that. As the old quip goes: if Bill Gates was in hospital in intensive care he would sure hope the life support machine wasn’t running Windows ME. Those crashes and reboots wouldn’t do much for his wellbeing!

What has this to do with the Independent CCTV Consultant blog being frozen for so long? Computers. They’re magic. Upgrade your WordPress from v2 to v3 and find yourself mysteriously locked out of your own admin page! Then, in between running the CCTV consultancy business, spend hours and hours reading solutions in online forums from other ‘sufferers’ of this hurdle. If you’ve suffered the “you do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” you might like to check the following, which turned out to be where my upgrade had corrupted a key file on the WordPress server.

Look in your root WordPress directory and find the wp-config.php file. You can open it in your web authoring application, e.g. Dreamweaver. In there you will find a line such as $table_prefix  = ‘Your_wp_’;

Now log into your MySQL datadase using, say, phpMyAdmin and browse the table called user_meta and check that the appropriate keys reflect your table_prefix string (above).  If they don’t you can have the same lock-out that I did. Why? Mine was your_wp rather than Your_wp! That tiny discrepancy was all it took to wreak havoc. A quick edit in the wp-config.php file and all was well again.

As a consequence of the hours and hours spent hunting for this tiny problem, I’ve learned a lot about what goes on under the bonnet (or hood if you’re Stateside), and now I can write this post! Credit goes to the clever fellow who wrote this post from which the image was sourced.

Until next time; stay focused.

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