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CCTV Essentials: Lenses explained

This CCTV lenses article has been really popular on their website, so I am told by ifsecglobal. It’s heartening to hear that these ‘CCTV Essentials’ articles are proving useful to CCTV buyers and installers.

This one gives simple descriptions (please let me know if you don’t think they are) of camera jargon. I hope these will help you sift through the advertisements and salesmen’s bull…er…dust. Let’s keep this polite. The main subjects are:

  1. Lens fittings – will C-mount lenses fit CS?
  2. Setting up lenses – making adjustments
  3. Auto-iris – busting the jargon
  4. F-stops (‘speed’) – what is ‘fast’?
  5. ‘Ramping’ – why long zooms don’t stay ‘fast’
  6. Contrast – cheap is cheap for a reason!
  7. Field-of-view – focal lengths & sizes.
  8. Varifocals – how different from zooms?
  9. Zoom tracking – why setup zooms carefully

You can find the full article on their website.

http://www.ifsecglobal.com/cctv-camera-lenses-explained. Enjoy. Let’s face it, your lenses are absolutely essential for you to get good images. They need to be the right ones, the right quality, properly set-up. This sounds obvious but, believe me, in the real world these are so often the weak link in the chain. Don’t let yours let you down.

Until next time; stay focussed.

Photo credit: Creative Commons attribution: Yutaka Seki.

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