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CCTV Essentials: Guide to CCTV Technologies

Static camera imageClose on the heels of the second installment of ‘CCTV Essentials’ articles, here is my next brief piece for www.ifsecglobal.com.

This one gives simple descriptions (please let me know if you don’t think they are) of camera jargon. I hope these will help you sift through the advertisements and salesmen’s bull…er…dust. Let’s keep this polite. The main subjects are:

  1. CCD or CMOS – what are the pros & cons of each?
  2. Video standards – why megapixels might not be the advantage you were sold
  3. Image refresh rates – be careful you get as many pictures as you need
  4. High definition (HD) – there are a few choices to make

You can find the full article on their website. http://www.ifsecglobal.com/guide-cctv-technologies. Enjoy. More to come.

Until next time; stay focussed.

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