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CCTV Essentials: 3 parts of a system

CCTV system transmission optionsThose lovely people at UBM have commissioned me to write a series of six short articles explaining ‘CCTV essentials’ for their widely read www.ifsecglobal.com. The audience is not overly technical so the aim is to make the message easily understood by a wide range of people.

The outline of this first piece is that CCTV systems can be broken down into three basic parts:

1. ‘Take pictures’ with a video camera,
2. Send the pictures to their destinations,
3. Manage the pictures that arrive there.

I hope you agree that taking this subject in three small ‘bites’ makes any size of CCTV system easier to digest.

Ifsec Global tell me the first one has been very popular according to the traffic on their website! http://www.ifsecglobal.com/3-key-elements-cctv-system Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Until next time; stay focused.

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