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Annoying Aspects of CCTV (Part 1)

A photograph in a recent issue of that fine CCTV Image magazine, the organ of the CCTV User Group, showed a spanking new CCTV control room. The proud owners had invested in a bank of monitors often known as a video wall. Nothing unusual there, you might say to yourself. Indeed. (My thoughts on how […]

Designing CCTV using 3D

I must start with an apology for the long gap between blog posts. June simply flew by and much of it was spent writing, just not here! I was writing for a presentation I was invited to give at a seminar on 17th June sponsored by The Security Institute as part of their […]

“On CCTV 300 times a day.” Rubbish. And here’s why.

I was prompted to write this today owing to a TV news report that stated each of us is likely “caught” on camera “330 times a day”. What?!

First, a subsidiary point in this outrage is that when we’re viewed by a CCTV camera we shouldn’t feel “caught”. Why the negative wording, eh, Mr. […]

The CSI Effect. Not a good thing.

Forensic investigators all over the world know about a modern phenomenon called ‘The CSI Effect‘. The popular television shows such as ‘CSI’ which hit US screens in late 2000 have given people an unrealistic impression of what forensic investigators can achieve. Generalizing here, it seems that the realities of forensic investigation are far less impressive […]

Why hire CCTV Consultants?

If you can afford for your CCTV to let you down just when you need it to deliver, fine, don’t waste more money hiring a consultant who’s capable of making sure it’s working properly. However, should that thought cause you sleepless nights the next five minutes reading are definitely right up your street.

So […]

No! Image degradation is not ok.

Thanks go to George Reis of Imaging Forensics for highlighting this matter in his blog. I was prompted to put finger to keyboard upon reading his post because just last week I was banging on about this very subject in my presentation to the Association of Security Consultants in London at their Business Club meeting. […]

How much video storage do I need?

Many years ago when the time-lapse VCR was used for bulk CCTV storage, each system’s manager or designer considered the CCTV’s operational requirements to calculate how many videocassettes would be kept in their secure cabinet.

Let’s look at their really simple maths. It’s largely the same starting point for digital video which is why I’m […]

Manufacturers & installers: is there any hope?

The story I tell below is real. Frighteningly, it’s not unique. I was called to a famous-name industrial site who owned a 20-camera CCTV system recently installed by a very well known company. A globally known name, in fact. They needed an independent CCTV expert to investigate the system as it was failing to meet […]

Why bring Big Brother into it?

For many years the anti-CCTV purveyors of prattling paranoia to the public (isn’t alliteration an alluring amusement?) have used the concept of Big Brother to paint the use of CCTV as a despicable tool to oppress the masses. As one of the masses myself; and probably designated one of the ‘Outer Party‘ described in George […]

CCTV in a positive light

It has occurred to me over the years that there are at least two distinct camps in the media regarding the proliferation of CCTV in the UK.

One camp promotes CCTV as the silver bullet to solving crime, moaning when someone or something fails to make the most of the available technology. While that would […]