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CCTV Essentials: Lenses explained

This CCTV lenses article has been really popular on their website, so I am told by ifsecglobal. It’s heartening to hear that these ‘CCTV Essentials’ articles are proving useful to CCTV buyers and installers.

This one gives simple descriptions (please let me know if you don’t think they are) of camera jargon. I hope these […]

CCTV Essentials: Guide to CCTV Technologies

Close on the heels of the second installment of ‘CCTV Essentials’ articles, here is my next brief piece for www.ifsecglobal.com.

This one gives simple descriptions (please let me know if you don’t think they are) of camera jargon. I hope these will help you sift through the advertisements and salesmen’s bull…er…dust. Let’s keep this polite. […]

CCTV Essentials: Setting your Requirements

Here is another of the articles I was commissioned to write explaining ‘CCTV essentials’ for the widely read www.ifsecglobal.com.

This piece describes how to get the image details that will achieve your CCTV’s purpose. The principal categories used in worldwide standards are briefly listed here in descending order of detail available from your images. […]

CCTV Essentials: 3 parts of a system

Those lovely people at UBM have commissioned me to write a series of six short articles explaining ‘CCTV essentials’ for their widely read www.ifsecglobal.com. The audience is not overly technical so the aim is to make the message easily understood by a wide range of people.

The outline of this first piece is that CCTV […]

Battlefield: The (test) Gear of Wars

Only you gamers will get those references in this title, I guess. Just lately I was honoured to be the guy on the cover of CCTV Image magazine! This issue was fresh off the presses for IFSEC 2012. My regular article for the ‘Talking Shop’ column this time illustrates the test gear that a good […]

Finalist for Security Consultant of the Year!

Security Consultant of the Year 2011. How would that have sounded? To some, rather impressive. To others, something of a show-off.

Still, it’s academic now because I didn’t win at last night’s Security Excellence Awards at London’s Hilton on Park Lane. Brace yourselves though. They allow me to crow about being a finalist from now until […]

Sketchup 3D CCTV courses

The Sketchup training course flyer for the IFSEC exhibition

With the IFSEC exhibition taking place this week in Birmingham I’ll be spreading the word about our forthcoming training courses in the use of Google’s free Sketchup 3D modeling software. We’re concentrating on its use for the design of CCTV and security systems.

Alongside this, […]

Are your cameras too high?

Back in 1992, when I was in CCTV sales, I spent one afternoon working out how many pixels would be needed in a camera’s field-of-view to identify a person or read a vehicle number plate. Why? Because I wanted the customer receiving my sales proposal to understand the issues involved. As a consequence of […]

I beg your forgiveness.

A couple of my articles that have just been published in CCTV Image magazine promise further information at Lambert & Associates website.

Ok, my metaphorical pants were down when the online issue hit the web today: a tad earlier than it figured in my plan for this week!

The cut-out-and-keep page illustrating camera views from steep […]

TSI BBQ 07-09-10 OK

Simon Lambert, immortalized by Rick Coleman

 The Security Institute (TSI) had its annual conference earlier this week at the very agreeable Oakley Court hotel in Windsor. Very nice. The Queen has a house nearby, you know. I was fortunate to be invited to join the great and the good for their barbeque on Tuesday […]