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Battlefield: The (test) Gear of Wars

CCTV Image magazine coverOnly you gamers will get those references in this title, I guess. Just lately I was honoured to be the guy on the cover of CCTV Image magazine! This issue was fresh off the presses for IFSEC 2012. My regular article for the ‘Talking Shop’ column this time illustrates the test gear that a good technical CCTV consultant takes into battle to fight his client’s campaign.

  • Oscilloscopes: bench & portable
  • Light (illuminance) meter
  • Video test pattern generator
  • Thermometer
  • Sound level meter
  • Camera: photo & video
  • Swiss Army knife!
  • and lots more besides…

Why? CCTV is a technical business and clients want a consultant who can make sure their CCTV suppliers are doing their job properly. In more than 15 years as an independent consultant I’ve seen so much substandard installation and maintenance work. Clients who are not CCTV specialists are so often hoodwinked by their suppliers into thinking everything is ok when it is simply shoddy. The old saying is so true: “you don’t know what you don’t know”. That’s why you need to hire someone who does! That’s this guy in the hard hat who brings his ‘weapons’ to your battlefield and makes sure you win. There are not many consultants who can actually do this. The ones who can are the ones I like to spend time with, putting the CCTV world to rights one project at a time. Don’t be shy about giving us a call. We speak Geek but we take pride in translating it into English for you if you’re a normal human!

Until next time; stay focused.

P.S. As well as CCTV my pixel projects involve photography and using computers to tweak them. You gamers will maybe recognise the inspiration from the Battlefield 3 poster. It might not be obvious but the guy in the image is me. Lots of planning, dressing up, studio lights, and Photoshop to create the final effect. Got new ideas for posters? Give me a call!

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